Class Descriptions

Join us in the studio. We are located at 107 W Main St in Perham, MN.

All classes are open to all levels. Options + modifications always provided.


Feel Good Flow

Our signature class is a vinyasa flow. Incorporating challenges for both new and seasoned yogis, this class focuses on uniting breath with movement through sun salutations, warrior poses, balance and stretching. Bring deeper awareness to your body, breath and soul while improving circulation, balance, strength and flexibility.

Power Flow

This class is a stronger, faster-paced flow class designed to build heat and strength. Get ready for a total body workout that tones muscle and increases mobility to improve circulation, balance, flexibility, and strength.

Weekend Warrior Flow

Our Saturday class - Weekend Warrior Flow - is a mixed-level vinyasa flow yoga class - featuring warrior poses, balance poses, and positive energy - to jump start your weekend!

Good Morning Flow

Start your morning right with an early vinyasa flow for all levels to build balance and flexibility. Kick start your morning with us and flow thru the rest of your day.

Slow Flow

A calming class including breathing, gentle flowing movements, and stretches. Deepen awareness and connection to your body through slower-paced, mindful movement.

Awaken + Restore

This class will start with a few moments meditation, followed by building gentle vinyasa flows and exploring the connection among breath, balance, and physical and mental endurance. We’ll finish by transitioning to a gentle emphasis, holding postures for deeper stretch and healing (plus, of course, savasana). It’s the perfect combination of awakening and restoration.

Foundations of Yoga

Looking to begin your yoga practice, but not quite ready to jump into a group class setting? Have some yoga experience but want to return to the foundation and break down common poses and transitions? Join us for a 3-week session discovering the foundations of yoga. Learn to connect with your body and breath and move from a place of awareness and confidence in your body. Each session will build on the previous one to give you the tools you need to begin, or continue, your yoga journey.

Chakra Yoga

Join Liz for this continual eight week series focusing on aligning your chakras. Each week will focus on one of the seven main chakras in this vinyasa flow class. A warm and safe place to open all medians and experience emotions like never before. Leave feeling empowered and nurtured, ready to take on the world.

Mommy + Me Yoga

Hey you - superwoman mama - yes, you - we realize the difficulty of getting to a studio class to practice yoga with little ones. Just for you, we have created a time designed specifically for moms to be able to join in without getting a sitter. Kids of all ages are welcome, and they can join in the class with us, or play with their toys in a designated area. This will be a fun way to bond with your little one and meet other moms! There will be noise, and there might be a few meltdowns, but we all understand, and we are all in this together!

60 minute class includes 10 minutes to socialize, 45 minute yoga flow, + 5 minute photo opp with your littles!

Gentle Yoga Stretch

60 minutes of gentle stretching with hands-on adjustments. No balancing required. Most postures will be held for 3-5 minutes with options for movement between postures. Supports will be provided - blocks and bolsters. An all-levels class perfect for calming the mind and body.

Candlelight Flow

A restful, calming class by candlelight - including breathing, gentle flowing movements, and stretches. Deepen awareness and connection to your body through slower-paced, mindful movement.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are available for those new to yoga, or for more seasoned yogis looking to expand their practice. Receive 1:1 support to assist you in furthering your journey of yoga and mindfulness. 30 and 60 minute sessions available. Small group private classes are also available. Reach out to Leona for scheduling and questions.